The driving force behind The Kiefer Foundation is the tragic passing of Mitchel Arthur Kiefer on September 19, 2016. It is the Kiefer Foundation’s mission to honor Mitchel’s legacy by creating awareness around the dangers of distracted driving. 


  • 9 people die every day in the United States from driving distracted.
  • 11% of car crashes leading to fatalities are related to distracted driving.
  • When texting, your eyes are off the road for 5 secondsThat's the length of a football field when driving at 55 MPH.  
  • You are 3 times more likely to crash when performing a visual or manual activity—such as reaching for a phone or the radio. 

Are you ready to commit to ending the tragic consequences of distracted driving? If so, help us honor Mitchel’s legacy by taking the pledge to end distracted driving today! Together, we can bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving and help end the loss of life associated with this challenging issue.

Please visit www.projectmitchel/pledge and enter Pledge to register today!